Lunch lady wary when student asks her to sit down. But what she hears next leaves her stunned

Believe it or not, but what goes around comes around. A cafeteria worker in a Catholic high school in Nevada had no idea that her warm personality had left such a positive impression on all the students in the school, and she was one day met with a random request to sit down. She soon discovered that all the students, even a camera crew, had made special plans for her that day.

Meet “Lunch Lady Lynn.” She’s got such a kind and gentle personality that you just can’t help but like her. Her students love her genuine smile and agree that she leaves them all feeling good with each encounter. Pretty much everyone in Bishop Manogue High School in Reno knows Lynn and adores her friendly personality.

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Well, it came time for the students to pitch in together to do something special for their favorite lunch lady. With the help of a group who call themselves “Dude. Be Nice,” a very special surprise was coming Lynn’s way.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, one student explains, “We’re going to surprise Lynn with food and gifts and stuff to show how much we appreciate her.”

And a big surprise it was going to be.

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The students started sticking up “Dude. Be Nice” posters all around the school, and Lynn noticed them. She had no idea what was going on though, and said that she just loves this place, referring to the poster and saying admiringly, “Dude. Be Nice.”

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So, as the lovely Lynn is working away in the cafeteria, a student all suited up approaches Lynn and asks her to take a seat.

Lynn possibly felt the sudden request to take a seat whilst she was busy working was a bit on the random side. She was understandably a little baffled at first.

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The student continues: “On behalf of the Bishop Manogue students, we want to thank you for everything you’ve done for our school, and making people smile every day. We want to thank you for everything.”

Lynn was stunned.

The students gather around Lynn, who’s now seated at a round table decked with a nice white table cloth and plenty of red roses. She’s looking a little overcome with emotion.

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All the students yell out in unison, “We love Lynn! We love Lynn!”

She’s in tears at this stage.

“Dude. Be Nice” are aware that Lynn misses her mother, who’s sick and is living in her hometown of Memphis. Lynn goes back once a year, but “it gets a little pricey,” she admitted.

And here’s where the surprise gets stepped up a notch. The dude from “Dude. Be Nice” presents a Southwest Airlines gift card that both the students and “Dude. Be Nice” chipped in to buy so Lynn can fly back home to visit her ailing mother. This was a real thoughtful gift.

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Following the gift-card surprise, Lynn was treated to her favorite type of meal—a Memphis barbecue.

Never did Lynn realize that she was going to have such a full-on day, but it was a great surprise that she’ll enjoy relaying to all her friends and family. What a great bunch of students at Bishop Manogue High School.

Watch the video below:

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Four surprises in one day! 🤗💖