12 easy steps to make a super-cool-looking seat from up-cycled plastic bottles

Are you a DIY enthusiast? If so, this project is for you! Upcycle empty bottles to put together a small seat, without much ado. It is guaranteed to fill you with a sense of accomplishment, once you see the results.

Instead of throwing your non-returnable plastic bottles in the bin, try putting them to good use.

In order to make an average-sized seat in 12 easy steps, you will need:

1. Nineteen plastic bottles of the same size (the quantity depends on your choice of the desired width of the seat.)

2. Duct tape

3. Plywood

4. Polyester wadding

5. Padding material

6. Lining fabric

1. Arrange seven (or more) plastic bottles around one in the center. Stick them together with duct tape to secure them.

2. Make another layer with the rest of the bottles around the first seven.  Secure these with duct tape too.

3. Cut two circles of plywood, one inch larger in diameter than the ring of plastic bottles.

4. With a power screwdriver, fasten one plywood circle to the top of the bottles and the other to the bottom.

5. Now we need to wrap the bottles in polyester wadding. To do this, cut it to a larger size so that the wadding may be folded over the edges. With staples or upholstery tacks, secure the fabric to the plywood on both sides.

6. Place plenty of padding material on the top side of the seat. Press the padding down.

7. With a needle and thread, sew the excess wadding together. Use plenty of thread and sew in all directions to secure the padding.

8. To make it all come together, choose a quilted lined fabric and measure the circumference and height of the seat. Cut and leave extra fabric at the top and bottom. After cutting the fabric for the cylinder, you will need to cut the fabric for the top and bottom.

9. Sew the top cover and fabric for the cylinder together.

10. Pull the outer covering over the stool frame.

11. Staple or tack the fabric to the bottom of the seat.

12. Cover the bottom of the seat with the piece that you saved from before. Finito! You have a cute seat from upcycled water bottles.

It’s lightweight so you can move it around at your convenience.

The special thing about this stool is that you can adjust the size any way you like simply by adding or taking away layers of bottles.

You can also use a waterproof fabric to make some stylish stools for the backyard or other fabrics that fit well with your home decor. These stools are not only as light as a feather, but they also help to reduce waste. Pretty innovative, don’t you think?

Watch this video to view the whole process:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | MORENA DIY.