Man chants epic rendition of ‘Ave Maria’ in empty storage container—the effect is awe-inspiring

Anyone who has set foot in an old Gothic cathedral will attest to the astounding acoustics as every foot fall echos throughout the hall—one only needs to hear the chanting of Gregorian choir to comprehend the wondrous sound. How fascinating that this man’s divine voice would echo almost like magic by standing in a place so mundane as a steel storage container.

The song “Ave Maria,” composed by Franz Schubert, holds a special place in David Jeremiah’s heart because of an English-class assignment that he had when he was a junior in high school.

The Massachusetts resident had been assigned to read Moby Dick, a novel by American writer Herman Melville, originally published during the period of the American Renaissance, but he was “not much of a reader” and much less did he have any interest in the novel.

To avoid reading the book, he came up with a creative idea—he knew his English teacher was “a lover of classical music and also a big fan of Luciano Pavarotti,” so he decided to learn the song syllable by syllable by buying a cassette of Pavarotti’s “Ave Maria” and practicing. He then sang the classic in front of his whole English class for the benefit of his teacher and all the students.

And guess what happened afterward?

Jeremiah got an “A” on his Moby Dick assignment even though he hadn’t even read the book!

Years later, Jeremiah decided to try out the wondrous acoustics of his empty storage container, reviving an old memory by singing the song that had been part of such an interesting episode from his youth.

Who would have thought that an empty storage container would have such good acoustics?

Watch the Video here:

Photo credit: Rumble Screenshot.