Man finds ‘moving’ suitcase & calls cops to open it—a distressed life was sadly locked inside

A man was walking along a footpath in Canada when he noticed a suitcase moving about in the bushes beside the road—and he heard a whimpering sound coming from inside. But as it had been locked, he couldn’t open it then and there, and decided to take it home. When the suitcase was finally broken open, nobody could believe their eyes.

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In May 2017, Graham Barrett was walking his two dogs through the woods in Richmond, British Columbia, when he spotted something unusual—a blue-and-black suitcase, and it was moving.

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Barrett went to investigate the moving suitcase, but he discovered that the suitcase had been double-locked when he tried to open it. He decided to take it home after hearing whimpers coming from inside.

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Unable to pry the suitcase open, he called the police for help. Once the suitcase was opened, they found a scared and distressed 8-year-old miniature poodle inside.

“He was dehydrated, and he was covered in urine and feces. [Barrett] immediately gave him some water and some food, and then the police brought the dog to us,” Eyal Lichtmann, CEO and executive director of Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS), told The Dodo.

It was believed that the poodle, later named Donut, had been locked inside the suitcase for three to six hours.

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“It had two different sets of locks on it, which is just crazy,” Lichtmann described the suitcase. “It’s one thing to lock a dog in a suitcase, another thing to double-lock it, right?”

Donut was given a medical examination at the RAPS shelter, and a clean bath.

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“He was recently groomed—you could tell,” Lichtmann said. “And the minute he recovered, he was just the friendliest, happiest dog. He was very well socialized.”

“We’re not even sure if the actual owners of Donut know what’s going on, and that’s why we’ve done a media campaign to see if we can find the owners. This sounds more like a revenge situation because the dog’s so well kept,” he added.

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Donut seemed to be enjoying himself at the shelter.

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“He’s getting a lot of loving from staff and volunteers, and a lot of playtime,” Lichtmann said. “He’s in doggy Disneyland.”

In less than 24 hours after Donut was found, a 7-week-old kitten was found inside a diaper box. Though the two incidents don’t seem to be linked, Lichtmann was puzzled by the cruelty of these acts.

“I don’t understand any of this—for both animals,” he said.

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In a video by RAPS on Donut’s story, the organization “wants to remind the public that abandonment is never the answer,” and asks for animals to be surrendered instead of abandoning them, because RAPS “accepts surrendered animals [with] no questions asked.”

Watch the video below:

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