Man finds mysterious wooden box in dumpster. But what’s inside has scared netizens

A mysterious wooden box containing strange (and ridiculously detailed) writings and drawings of UFOs, aliens, as well as other supernormal things spooked the lady who first found it—she then quickly discarded it. But the box was returned to her after someone found it in the dump, and it was given a name: “The Box of Crazy.”

This mysterious “Box of Crazy” contains a collection of one man’s life work, that of Daniel Christiansen (DC). Not much is known about him except that he was from Denmark and immigrated to the United States in 1927, and that he may have been a WWII veteran.

Reddit user thatsmybox first found the box when she began renting the home where DC once lived, where she found heaps of strange, otherworldly drawings and writings in the abode. The box was among all this.

Apparently, what was contained in the “Box of Crazy” was not even a tenth of a percent of what had been stored in that house. The strange drawings and writings scared her, and she felt they were “evil.”

She discarded all of it, yet the box found its way back to her by some fluke after Reddit user whatsinthisthing found it in a dumpster and returned it to her. But before he did, he documented the contents and posted the photos on Reddit along with his own comments (which you’re about to see!).

Among the strange things in DC’s house, perhaps the most amazing was what was believed to be a “time machine” along with instructions for how to build one. Could all of this be real? Well, real or not, many people thought it was pretty cool.

Have a look at what was inside “The Box of Crazy”; read the comments by whatsinthisthing, and you be the judge!

“This is the box. The Box of Crazy. Roughly 29″ by 38″ on the exterior. It smells of basements and dampness”

“Technical Drawings: This is by far the most interesting piece for my tastes. It looks like a patent application, quite large and very detailed”

“Text on a poster (with corrections). I feel that I should comment on the content, but I really don’t know what to say about this”

“Fairly small maps, hand-drawn on a clear-ish plastic-like material”

“Ahh. Now things start to get a little odd. It seams that the artist saw something in Tampa, FL in 1977 that changed him”

“An obvious blending of the religious and the extraterrestrial”


“This appears to be an early sketch of the event”


“Beast 1”


“Beast sketch”

“This is the culmination of the cannonization of forms and all the placement studies. Here the artist reaches his peak and the vision is rendered. Nirvana”


Photo credit: Imgur | TramStopDan2.

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