Man gives homeless woman a wad of cash. Then she buys something nobody expected!

A candid video shows an undercover YouTuber giving a homeless woman a wad of cash. They wanted to see what she would do with so much money, so they followed her and watched, and she bought something they never expected.

YouTube personality Das hosts a channel called “K3TV,” where they video-record social experiments and candid pranks for their show. This time, rather than going for funny reactions, they wanted to do something good for someone in need to see how they would react.

©YouTube Screenshot | K3TV
©YouTube Screenshot | K3TV

Seeing a homeless woman sitting along the side of a building in Santa Monica in Los Angeles, Das went over and sat beside her to have a chat.

After a short conversation, she confirmed that she was indeed homeless, and he found out that she had a son. Then, he took out a wad of cash containing $283 and told her the money was to help her and her son get through the day. At first, the woman refused to take it. “I can’t take this!” she said.

“Yeah, you can,” replied Das.

“That’s too much,” she said. But, after Das insisted, she finally accepted it and asked for a hug. “Thank you Jesus,” she added.

©YouTube Screenshot | K3TV

After Das was out of sight, the camera crew continued following her in secret to see what she would do with the cash. They followed her past a clothing store to a café patio where she grabbed some ice cream.

She did plenty of window shopping but didn’t buy anything. They followed her through Santa Monica and ended up down a street that didn’t seem to have anything … except for an animal shelter.

The woman walked inside the shelter. Das and the crew waited for 45 minutes before she finally came out with a white puppy in her arms.

©YouTube Screenshot | K3TV

“Hey!” Das called to the woman. “We’ve been following you. We watched you skip over every clothing store, over every little … you adopted a dog with the money I gave you?”

“Yeah,” she admitted. “I just … I don’t know. Out of everything that I’ve seen today, it seemed much more … caring to have a dog.”

“I looked at the clothes, saw the jewelry, but none of them touched my heart,” she added. “This is where my heart led me. It led me right here to this dog. And this is someone I can talk to and love and hold … No matter what he’s always going to be there for me …”

“That’s awesome,” said Das, impressed.

©YouTube Screenshot | K3TV

Then, they decided to take her to buy some pet food for her new best friend before Das reached in his wallet and gave her another donation, adding that all he wanted in return was a hug.

©YouTube Screenshot | K3TV

The woman was more than happy to oblige. She then broke down in tears of joy as Das cuddled the cute little pup.

Watch the video below: