10 fascinating animals that weren’t photoshopped, and #2 is NOT a Pokemon!

Do you think you have a pretty good grasp on how many animal species live on our planet?

You may be surprised to know that there are 1,367,555 identified non-insect animal species that live on our planet. And, that figure is only a mere fraction in comparison to all the other animal species, land and ocean, past and present, that have ever lived on Earth. Take a look at some of these rather unusual ones and see if you recognize any.

1. Blue-footed booby

Credit: Imgur

Check out those turquoise legs, very impressive. They are famous for their “mating dance.”

2. Venezuelan poodle moth looks very cute and cuddly, but is it?

Credit: Imgur

It was only discovered in 2009, so no-one knows how cuddly it might be, but it does look very cute. It has been compared to a Pokemon character, or a mini poodle.

3. Mangalitsa pig—looks like a sheep but eats like a hog

Credit: Imgur | 

There is nothing cuter than a blonde or flaming red-haired mangalista for a pet. If you are kind to them, in return they will follow you around and even play with you.

4. Emperor tamarin

Credit: Imgur

The emperor tamarin was named after the German emperor, Wilhelm II, who likewise, had a rather eye-catching mustache himself.

5. Malayan colugo

Credit: Wikipedia | Nina Holopainen

The Malayan colugo are forest dwellers with huge gliding membranes similar to flying squirrels. Known as the flying lemur, they don’t fly, but glide.

6. Golden snub-nosed monkey, or rhinopithecus

Credit: Imgur |  

Rain makes them sneeze, so they sit with their head between their knees in the wet. These pretty little apes are unfortunately critically endangered.

7. Patagonian mara

Credit: Imgur | stonerbonerdonor 

The patagonian mara is a very unusual-looking rodent with hare-like ears and a body like a small deer. The male and female usually form a long relationship … Perhaps some humans could learn a thing or two from them …

8. Raccoon dog

Credit: Getty Images | Arterra/UIG

No, this is no dog, nor is it a racoon. Confused? One woman who attempted to tame one said it’s impossible to teach it not to steal, so hang onto your groceries if you’re around one!

9. It’s cute, it’s adorable … it’s fluffy cow

Credit: Imgur | 

This cow must have a great hairdresser, but it’d take forever to look as gorgeous as this!

10. The markhor goat is one of the most stunning wild animals living in the mountainous regions of Pakistan

Credit: Imgur | 

If there are any aliens up there, this one is sure to receive a signal with antennas like that!