Mom fell and fractured her hip—but then, she’s terrified as family dog starts to drag her away

When a woman in Texas slipped and fell, her dog happened to be nearby, so she quickly grabbed the dog’s collar. When the dog started backing back, she misunderstood her actions to be an attempt to escape, and to abandon her there on the floor. But after holding onto the dog’s collar for 90 minutes, she realized the dog’s intention.

In 2015, Janet Wilhelm, of McKinney, was packing up some dog food when she slipped and fell, landing on her left hip. She fractured her pelvis in five places. The pain was agonizing for her.

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“I could not move,” she told WFAA. “It was just debilitating.”

She was in the garage and had no phone with her. Moreover, no one was at home. She wondered if anyone would come to her aid.

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“It was one of those moments where, ‘Am I gonna get out of this,’” she said.

But there was “someone” that came to her rescue!

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A black Labrador named Mabel that she and her husband rescued three years ago was at home and came over to find her while she was lying there.

“I grabbed her collar and she started backing up towards the house,” she recalled. “I was like ‘What is she doing? She’s trying to get away from me,’ I thought.”

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What Wilhelm, a nurse in the labor and delivery unit, didn’t know was that her dog was not trying to abandon her. Instead, Mabel was doing her best to drag Wilhelm out of the garage and into the home.

It took Mabel 90 minutes to drag Wilhelm 20 feet.

“I was so happy she was there,” Wilhelm said. “I was like, ‘Good girl, good girl. I love you, I love you.’ I was just so happy.”

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With Mabel’s help, Wilhelm finally got her phone, which was inside her wallet on a chair, and called her husband for help.

Wilhelm was soon recovering and underwent rehabilitation at the Wysong Campus at the Medical Center of McKinney. Wilhelm was learning how to gather her strength to walk again.

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“You are immobilized because of the pain,” Dr. Eduardo Acosta of the Medical Center of McKinney told her. “Every time you try to move you have pain shooting down there.”

Doctors told Wilhelm that her recovery would be complicated if she were taken to the hospital eight hours after her fall. But fortunately, with Mabel’s help, she could walk again in two weeks’ time.

Watch the video below:

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