Woman hears screams of excitement at party—she runs off when she realizes why

When a loved one returns home from a lengthy excursion, the sudden homecoming can be an incredibly emotional and memorable moment for a family. This older lady simply lost her cool when a special someone returned home for a family occasion.

In a video recently uploaded to the internet, a lady in Los Angeles who had been hosting a family reunion suddenly heard screams of excitement from guests as the long-absent family member returned. She looked as he walked into the party dressed in a Marine’s uniform, and then she simply lost all composure—it was her son!

As he made his grand entrance, his mom jumped, lost her drink, and then took off; she fled as she could not contain her excitement at the sight of him. She ran about the patio and then doubled over in emotion.

Smiling, her son walked over and embraced his mom. Mother and son hugged, as other excited voices chimed in: “Yeah! We gotcha!” said one. “Your baby is home!” exclaimed an older man. “Oh my god!” his mom kept repeating.

Still shocked and in disbelief, she held her son, let go, and held him again. “I ain’t seen him in two years!” she cried.

Watch the sweet reunion below:

Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot | DailyPicksandFlicks.

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