Worried nurse finds out her cancer patient is homeless. Then she makes a simple phone call

This nurse found out her young patient with a brain tumor and his family were going to be homeless soon. So, she decides to go above the call of duty and turns their lives around by making a simple phone call.

Cynthia Robinson is a nurse at 21st Century Oncology. It was there in 2015 that she met Basil Dallas, who was 17 years old at the time. Basil went to the center to undergo radiation treatment for a benign tumor in his brain.

One day, Cynthia was speaking with Basil’s mother, Marcia Duncan, and learned the family was soon to be homeless; Marcia didn’t have a job either. With no prospects for employment, she did not know what to do.

Upon hearing about their housing problem, Cynthia decided to help. Being a mother herself, she could not imagine not having a place for her own children to live.

With the help of colleagues, Cynthia was able to find a motel located near the center for the family to stay for two weeks.

But that’s not all she did; next, she decided to call the Fox5 Surprise Squad to see if they could help the Duncan family. And sure enough, the Surprise Squad agreed.

Cynthia went with the Fox5 Surprise Squad team to visit Marcia, Basil, and Basil’s younger brother Shamarie at the motel, and the family shared their story a bit.

“I heard he had a tumor. At first I didn’t want to cry in front of him. But when I walked out the door, I broke down in tears because I don’t want to have him go through that,” Shamarie told Fox5.

“When I see them cry it kind of gets to me. And because I know she’s been looking for a job for months, and she just can’t find one,” Shamarie further shared.

Basil told Fox5, “I was actually grateful that I’d rather go through it than have one of them go through it.”

The Surprise Squad reporter told the family that a friend heard about their story, and they wanted to take the family to meet him. What Cynthia didn’t know was that the Fox5 Surprise Squad had kept some information hidden from her as well—and this meetup was going to be part of it.

When the Duncan family and Cynthia arrived, they saw a group of people waiting for them in the front yard of a townhouse. The reporter introduced Don Forman, the owner of United Nissan and a Surprise Squad sponsor, to the family.

Basil’s story inspired the United Nissan team, so Don was there to welcome the family to their new home for the next 12 months while Basil recovered from his radiation treatments.

The family walked inside the townhouse and were awestruck to see that it was completely, and beautifully, furnished. The Surprise Squad went all out to decorate the apartment for the family to move in instantly. Cynthia found herself crying tears of joy along with the family.

“I always tell people to just hang on, to have that faith,” Cynthia told Fox5.

That’s good advice to live by.

As always, get your tissues ready before you catch the Surprise Squad’s heartwarming story:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | FOX5 Las Vegas.