Man starts cursing and shouting on subway, then 70-year-old lady’s kind act brings him to tears

Life is rarely smooth sailing, and we all find ourselves in rough seas from time to time; times when we are feeling down and are in need of someone to comfort us. When one train passenger started behaving erratically in the subway car one day, this woman knew he just needed a shoulder to lean on, and what she did next brought him to tears.

A few months back, Ehab Taha was traveling on a subway in Vancouver, B.C. when a man got on the subway train and started cursing and shouting. While his hostile behavior caused some passengers considerable discomfort, others moved to another part of the train.

©Facebook | Ehab Taha

As the man shifted about, he came close to a 70-year-old woman. While everyone else on the train was repelled by this aggressive-seeming fellow, much to Taha’s amazement, the woman responded in just the opposite way.

Speaking to CTVNews, Taha said, “She didn’t try to grab him or anything like that, she just reached out her hand and waited until he reached back. They just held hands for 15 or 20 minutes until he got to his stop.”

Taha caught a photo of the amazing interaction that transpired and then posted it on his Facebook page.

“He sat down next to her, he calmed down and he stayed there silently, sitting on the floor. Every time he started to get riled up again, she would look at him and calm him down again,” Taha said, adding that he saw tears welling up in the man’s eyes.

Source: Facebook | Ehab Taha

Before getting off the train, the man said, “Thanks, grandma.”

After the incident, Taha said to the woman, “God bless you, the world needs more people like you.” After the man left, she started to cry.

“I didn’t want him to feel so alone. I’m a mother, I have two sons around his age and life puts you in hard circumstances sometimes,” the woman explained.

Taha had originally just shared the photo with his friends on Facebook, though later he made it public, and it went viral online.

“(The photo) resonated with people. It’s incredible to see that sometimes human touch can do so much more than anything else. Instead of fearing people, we should reach out and help people,” Taha said.

Taha also had a message to share on his Facebook: “Don’t fear or judge the stranger on the bus: life does not provide equal welfare for all its residents.”