Son spots curious detail in parents’ wedding video—then, he books plane ticket to buy this

In quite a few cases, but not all of course, it’s often the parents who buy that first car for their children—but how often is it the other way around? This son wanted to do something really special for his parent’s 60th wedding anniversary, and he knew just the thing their hearts yearned for. After all, he had heard about it his whole life.

Joe and Beverly Smith knew each other in high school, and later on, they married. They had saved up their money, and together purchased a 1948 brand-spanking-new Plymouth convertible as a celebration of their love. Not long afterwards, Joe was drafted into the armed services, and went off to fight in the Korean War. They were forced to sell their beloved car, but over the following years, they never forgot how much the car had meant to them.

Joe and Beverly celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with 50 family and friends and happened to show some old video footage of their wedding. Their son, Joel, noticed the Plymouth they had owned in the footage, and it gave him an idea. He knew how much the car had meant to his parents, as they would often take a trip down memory lane and tell him of their precious memories involving that car.

“They always talked about the car forever, how much fun it was and the great times they had with it,” said Joel.

So he decided to purchase a similar car to the one they bought when they married as an anniversary present for them.

That was easier said than done. A 1948 Plymouth was as scarce as hens’ teeth. In fact, when Joel began searching, he could only find four of them. Two had been sold, one was in a museum, but the last one, well it was up for sale on Craigslist.

The owner, an 81-year-old man, had no available photos and didn’t own a computer. Joel flew a friend up to view the car and on his report, Joel went ahead with the purchase. He was able to do it up, and he had mechanic Donnie Cooper check it out, one of Joel’s former employees.

It was difficult to keep the Plymouth hidden, but somehow he managed to. Although the car needed some work, it was in good condition and had only done 81,000 miles. Joel couldn’t wait to present it to his folks as the surprise of a lifetime.

Joel flew his son up to his parents’ place on a “fake” fishing trip to be there when Joel’s parents first saw the car. As Joel drove the Plymouth up the driveway, his son turned on the video cam to record the special moment.

It’s sure to be up there in the most precious memories category for years to come—not just for his parents, but for Joel to reflect on too.

Joel intends for the car to stay in the family for generations, never to be sold. He’s such a kind and thoughtful son to give his parents back some of their youth.

Watch the video below to see his parents’ reaction to Joel’s amazing gift:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Hagerty.

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