Starbucks customers park in his driveway, so he sets up camera to film epic lesson in courtesy

After continuously seeing people park in front of his church’s driveway for their own convenience, this guy decided to take action—in his own unique way. He’s got a humorous way to teach a lesson in common courtesy.

A Starbucks store is across the parking lot from Dale’s church. During the rush hour in the morning, many people stop by for a coffee. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with parking on the roadside as long as circumstances allow, it’s another story to block someone’s driveway, especially if it’s a driveway to a parking lot.

In a clip that shows how he taught one driver a lesson, Dale states that he had told drivers like this one who parked in his church’s driveway not to do so several times, because others need to use the driveway to enter and exit the parking lot. Dale also expressed concern that the cars blocking the driveway would prevent emergency vehicles from entering.

While he advises drivers to “use the GIGANTIC parking lot that you are currently blocking the entrance of,” the reply he most often receives is something like—“but I’ll just be a minute.”

This time, when he asked the man not to park his car in the driveway, Dale received the same response. Interestingly, this driver had parked his car there for much longer than “a minute”—which allowed Dale enough time to change his clothes, before coming back out with a chair and a book.

The “minute” that the driver said he’d take was so long that Dale even had time to set up his tripod and camera to capture what was going to happen next.

“I honestly don’t think it’s too much to ask for you to park in such a way that allows a handicapped entrance to be used, or for an emergency vehicle to be able to enter through the driveway,” Dale writes in the clip.

Dale sat right in front of the man’s car and spent the next several minutes reading his book and enjoying a cup of coffee. When the man finally returned to his car with his coffee, he saw Dale “and asked if I was staying.” Guess how Dale responded.

“I’ll be just a minute.”

Well, though the driver probably won’t be parking in front of that driveway anymore, the problem is other drivers continue to do so.

What would you do if you were in Dale’s situation?

Watch the video below:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot| sobdale.

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