Man drops wedding ring into garbage disposal. You won’t believe what goldsmith did with it

When Jordan, a goldsmith by profession, was given a damaged wedding ring by a client, it was with a request that that he do everything in his power to restore it to its original shape, and so began the process…

The ring had accidentally been dropped into a garbage disposal unit, and so its condition was not really good! It was so badly crushed that he couldn’t get it into the mandrel.

So, he took the pliers, put it in the opening of the ring, and forced it to widen. Once the ring had a large enough opening, he slid it into the mandrel.

He then took a goldsmith’s hammer and began hammering it gently while pulling it tighter onto the mandrel. This process was aimed at restoring the round shape of the ring.

And once the ring was hammered back into its original round shape, he began working on the gouges. Using a ring file, he began to restore the edges of the ring. At the same time, he also started removing the scratches on the surface.

He wanted to minimize the loss of material while filing the ring. As such, he limited its use to just cleaning out the scratches that weren’t too deep. For the deeper gouges, he used a hand torch and filled them with 14-karat gold.

The next step was to tend to the diamonds in the front. Unfortunately, two of them were crushed and broken.

Jordan removed them and inserted two new diamonds … aah, getting there slowly but surely!

Once done, he moved on to the final step—the polishing and buffering. He used a diamond felt lap to even out the edges of the ring. It was then polished to a shine using a buffing wheel.

After hours of hard work, the damaged ring was now restored, looking as good as new!

Jordan took photos of the entire process and uploaded it on Imgur. The photos went viral and attracted close to 2 million views. People were amazed at his skill and the transformation of a damaged ring into a polished one.

“That is the most awesome thing I have seen in a long time. You, sir, are an extraordinary craftsman,” commented a user, admiring Jordan’s talent.

Another user said that he was “so freaking impressed! I didn’t know that could be done! That was beautiful.” True craftsmanship!

Photo Credit: InstagramModern Goldsmith (Imgur).