Teacher checks students’ backpacks—she finds a pair of eyes looking up at her in one

Children are full of surprises. Sometimes they can be a tad naughty, but they’re kids after all, and being a little playful is just part of their nature.

On Feb. 28, a teacher at Jefferson Elementary School in Jefferson, Georgia, didn’t notice anything was off during her class until she checked her students’ backpacks and found something that was not supposed to be brought to school.

Illustration – Flickr | John

The teacher, Mrs. Bobbi Nabors, opened one little girl’s backpack and “saw two eyes peering up at her.” The eyes belonged to the girl’s puppy named Jake.

When Mrs. Nabors took Jake out of the backpack, the girl tried to defend herself with a hilarious explanation.

“My mom must’ve put him in there,” the young girl told her teacher, when in fact, she wasn’t able to part with her adorable puppy that morning.

It turned out that Jake had actually “rode on the bus and stayed tucked quietly away through morning work and announcements” without being discovered by anyone.

Though Jake was not supposed to be in class, he was just too adorable, and everyone fell in love with him soon after he was discovered.

“He even went potty in the front office!” according to a Facebook post by Brenan Evans Lingerfelt.

Illustration – Wikimedia | Die4kids

The girl’s mom was later told to come and pick up the puppy after he became famous throughout the school. She promised to bring him back again for a visit sometime soon.

Jake is now a poster boy for the school’s upcoming spring book fair called “Paws for a Good Book!”

When Facebook users saw Lingerfelt’s post, some of them recounted the day that they brought their pets to school.

One woman wrote, “When I was in 1st Grade(2000) were [sic] allowed to bring a pet for show and tell. My dad brought our dachshund that was the most mellow. Low and behold, he got out of the classroom and ran around the school. he was a fast sucker for being fat. He ended up in the principal’s office….who was afraid of dogs. oh man. That was literally the best day ever.”

“I did this when I was in Pre-K and it was my cat,” another woman recalled. “The bus driver told my aunt (who was my teacher at the time) “There is something alive in there but we don’t know what it is.”

Judging by all the comments on Facebook, it looks like Jake and his young owner put a smile on a lot of people’s faces.

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