The big woolen ball on your winter cap is a French invention! Know more unknown facts!

We come across many things in our day-to-day life and use them without questioning the real reason for its existence. Little do we know that every item under our nose has a purpose to serve and that it does not restrict to just one! From a normal backpack to an ice-cream scooper, everything has more than a single role to play!

Here are 7 things that we see on a daily basis and their functions besides what we know, will definitely surprise you!

Ever wondered why doorknobs are made of brass? The reason is that brass prevents bacterial growth and avoids germs to reside there!


For all beer lovers, if your beer should remain cold as you enjoy it, then hold your bottle by the sleek neck because if you hold it elsewhere, heat from your hand will transfer making your beer warm!


The small hole at the end of the plane window is to maintain the air pressure inside out!


We all scream for ice cream! We see ice-cream scoopers come in vibrant colours and these colours are actually is serving sizes of the spoon!


Several dents on a golf ball help to reduce the amount of drag making it fly faster!


Did you know that the big woollen ball on your winter cap is used as a protection? During the 18th century, French Marines used it to avoid hitting their heads against the ship ceilings! It is not just a fashion statement!

Credit: Hindustan Times

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