This 99-year-old woman was thrown into jail—because it’s on her bucket list!

People usually end up in jail because of a crime they have committed. But this 99-year-old woman landed in jail simply because it was on her bucket list!

In February, 99-year-old Annie was taken in to prison in Nijmegen Zuid, Amsterdam. However, this fun-loving lady didn’t commit a crime; going to jail was on her wish-list of things to do before she dies.

The police at the station were good sports and posted a few photos of her on their Facebook page. Annie was handcuffed and locked up in the prison cell, and as you can see, she was very happy about it!

Annie was only in the cell for a couple of minutes, Peter Smit, a lieutenant at the police station, told The Independent. “She wanted to be in a police cell because of her bucket list,” he said.

“In her life she never committed any crime, and thought it would be exciting to experience. As you can see in the picture from our post, she found it hilarious to be in the inside with the handcuffs,” he added.

A spokesperson from the station added, “We don’t usually do this, but we made an exception. It was just a couple of minutes in the cell. It was all about the experience. We don’t know why it was on her bucket list.”

After the photos went viral, many commented on the Facebook photos, praising the police for fulfilling Annie’s wish, saying, “Thanks to the amazing police forces they have in Holland to grant this wonderful lady her wish.”

“Fantastic. Well done for organizing and granting a wish come true for her,” another person commented.