Cop gets fully drenched in heavy rain but continues to do his duty to keep traffic flowing

In terribly wet conditions on a very busy road in Delhi, India, one absolutely drenched traffic cop was seen stepping up to help a driver whose car had broken down. His calm disposition and responsible attitude to the public has won hearts and restored faith in the police, who do go out of their way to serve the people.

In a video shot by an onlooker, Mankan Bammi, the traffic cop is seen at work, seemingly unconcerned by the heavy downpour on the busy road.

Apparently, the car before Bammi’s had broken down, and he saw the cop, who was working in “totally wet conditions,” help push the broken-down car, which saved the passengers in the car the trouble of getting drenched themselves.

Bammi subsequently noticed the cop’s kind, gentle, and patient mannerism, as he helped keep the traffic flowing at the busy roundabout in Raddison, Paschim Vihar.

“We people always criticise police guys for their bad and mal deeds,” Bammi continued. “On the other hand we people should praise them.”

Bammi was most impressed with the cop’s eagerness to help others, and wanted to ask for his name. “The most unfortunate part was I couldn’t ask his name due to heavy traffic.”

He asked another traffic cop on the other side of the road for the name of “that brave police man.” But the other traffic cop seemed unsure of Bammi’s motives, and “refused to tell me his name.”

Bammi’s post finishes off by saluting the traffic cop and saying, “That police guy opted to serve us instead of sitting idle under any shelter in that much heavy rain without even caring for his health.”

A truly great example of a good police officer serving his community!

Watch the video below:

Video Screenshot | Mankan Bammi.