Tough love from judge saves heroin addict, then she asks him to perform her wedding ceremony

When Jennifer Jensen finally appeared in a courtroom in front of honorable judge Chris Wilton, it was the spring of 2014—and the judge, who worked in drug treatment court, had never seen a case as desperate as hers.

The young woman had been addicted to heroin since she was a teenager, and her life seemed to be heading for tragedy. She was eight months pregnant and still addicted to the life-threatening drug; according to Wilton, “there was no one worse than that”.

Now, though, Jensen is clean and sober, with a happy young son and a life she wants to move forward from.

When Wilton first saw Jensen in his courtroom, he knew it wasn’t going to be easy for the young mom-to-be to finally get clean. But he did hope that it was doable, so he began to work with her.

Over time, he made her appear before him in court a whopping 27 times to keep her accountable, pushing her to finally kick a deadly habit she’d had since high school.

While the process at first annoyed Jensen, though, she admitted that it was his relentless behavior that eventually saved her life. By her own account, she “would not be here” if it weren’t for him.

She was so grateful, in fact, that she asked the judge for one final request at her very last court appearance; she wanted Wilton to perform her marriage ceremony, helping her truly show just how far she’d come from when he first saw her.

©YouTube Screenshot | CBS Evening News