Two teens try to pressure friend to engage in bulimic behavior—but then, these patrons step in

Sometimes one can’t help but overhear others’ conversations, especially in a small diner where everybody is seated in fairly close proximity. Here we learn of an unhealthy conversation overheard by multiple patrons, who take it upon themselves to speak up for the girl they perceive is about to succumb to peer pressure from her friends, who’re trying to get her to “binge and purge,” to lose weight and avoid getting fat.

Two girls, Maria and Lenique, were overheard trying to pressure their friend, Rachel, into eating whatever her heart desires in the Eldorado Diner in Tarrytown, New York, so long as she subjects herself to self-induced vomiting after eating. The two girls try convincing Rachel by saying she needs to do it because she’s fat, which is “gross.” Moreover, they claim that “everybody” does it.

A patron seated behind the three girls is on his Apple laptop when he overhears their conversation and looks up.

Concerned for Rachel’s wellbeing, a girl whom he doesn’t know, he walks over to the girls’ table and introduces himself as Jordan. Little does he know that his every move and word is being recorded.

“Do you guys mind if I sit down for one second?” He asks the girls, who allow him to join them.

“I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation,” he says. “It’s not really my business, but I just want to let you guys know that I think you guys are all really pretty girls, okay?

“And the binging and purging … so … I’m a professional basketball coach, and I have a master’s degree in nutrition, and that’s a really unhealthy thing for you guys to do at your age.

“I just felt like I had to let you know that that’s a really dangerous behavior. Also, if, um, you know if you guys are dating boys that are putting that kind of pressure on you, I think you guys can do better than that. I’m sorry for interrupting your guys’ breakfast…”

As show host John Quinones from What Would You Do? (WWYD) watches the footage that the hidden cameras pick up, showing what Jordan tells the girls, he’s impressed and says, “This guy is great.”

Quinones finally decides to walk out and introduce himself to Jordan, who had no idea the whole thing was set up as a social experiment.

When asked why he decided to intervene in the girls’ conversation, he said, “to just hear these girls talking about that kind of stuff really kind of concerned me. I felt terrible coming and interrupting their conversation, but I just felt like I had to say something.”

In reference to Jordan’s handling of the situation, one YouTuber, whose comment received thousands of thumbs up, wrote: “Wow. …. that first guy was amazing. Not a single thing more can be said about what he said and how he went about it.”

Still, there’s more to see…

Watch the whole episode to see other patrons’ reactions:

Video Credit: YouTube | What Would You Do.

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