Woman sees soldier get out of car on roadside—what unfolds next made her snap a photo

A Kansas woman was on her way home when she witnessed a heartwarming scene unfold before her eyes. Moved by the act of kindness, she snapped a photo of the moment, which she later shared on Facebook.

One Friday afternoon, Tammra Bose was driving through Topeka, Kansas. When she came to a stoplight on Wanamaker Rd at I-470, she saw a car pull over on a ramp, WIBW reported.

What unfolded next before her eyes, touched her heart.

Exiting the car was a man dressed in an Army uniform. The soldier walked over to a homeless man, who was sitting nearby, with his belongings scattered around him on the grass.

The soldier sat down beside the homeless man and struck up a conversation with him. Although she couldn’t hear their conversation, she knew the soldier was keeping the man company out of kindness.

Time stood still for Bose as she witnessed this roadside compassion. The soldier’s gesture was a reminder that we should treat others with kindness, even strangers.

“I thought it was nice of the soldier to get out of his car and go talk to the man,” she told WIBW.

Bose captured a photo of this kindhearted scene, which she later shared on several Facebook sites.

“I would love for the world to see this picture because it is worth more than a thousand words. It is so heartwarming,” she said.

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In Bose’s Facebook post, she wanted to thank the soldier for reminding her about kindness, “I was so touched to see this Soldier get out of his car and go sit down and start talking to this homeless man.”

“We need more of this in this world we live in. I just wanted to share this picture with everybody,” she added.

Many netizens on the Mad World News Facebook page applauded the soldier for his kindness.

©Facebook | Mad World News

“That’s the character of most soldiers. After all, they sacrifice their lives for us,” Melba Morgan wrote.

“That is definitely not something you see everyday,” Lee Castleberry added. “But when you look at what these men and women go thru when they are overseas so far from home and their family they know what it’s like to be alone even in a crowd. They know what it’s like to have no one to talk to sometimes.”

“Well this really doesn’t surprise me, anyone that puts his or her life on the line, even for those that don’t appreciate it, why wouldn’t he be kind to an American citizen at home,” Pat Sandoval commented.

Kudos to this soldier for letting us know that you don’t need to offer money or a gift to show kindness. You can show that you care simply by being there for someone who needs it.

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