Woman snaps photo of geese parade—then whips out her camera again when a soldier approaches

One kind soldier did motorists a favor by helping out a gaggle of geese cross the road. A photo of the beautiful moment has melted the hearts of many who saw it.

On June 20, 2017, Emily Coker, of Moore, Oklahoma, stopped by the local Starbucks to get some coffee while on her way to work.

“I was driving to work. I had to be there at like seven in the morning,” Coker, a registered nurse, told Oklahoma’s News 4.

Just as she pulled out of Starbucks, she witnessed something amazing at the intersection of 19th and Telephone Rd. in Moore.

Coker saw a family of geese waddling across the road, causing every car to come to a halt.

Though the geese were holding up the traffic, motorists patiently waited for them to cross.

“Everyone’s just waiting. It’s like 6:30 in the morning,” Coker told InsideEdition. “I thought, ‘This is OK, I’ll just sit here and drink my coffee.’”

While waiting, Coker whipped out her camera to take a picture of the adorable geese procession. “There was like little baby ones and the mom and the dad and I was like all that’s cute. So I took a picture, you know because everyone was stopped, to show some friends later on,” she said.

Then suddenly, a truck pulled up next to her, and a man dressed in military uniform got out.

When Coker saw what unfolded next, she thought, “I have to take a picture of this.”

Illustration – Getty Images | Carl Johnson / Design Pics

The soldier walked towards the gaggle of geese and began rounding them up.

“There were some baby geese at the back and they were going the wrong direction,” Coker recalled. “He just walked up behind them and started shooing them.”

Every motorist waited as the soldier shepherded the geese out of the roadway to safety.

Thanks to the kind soldier, the traffic mess finally cleared up. “Because he got them all out of the way and the traffic could continue to go so, it was like he did us all a favor,” Coker said.

To express her gratitude, Coker later took to Facebook to share the two photos of the morning traffic jam.

“Traffic jam. If anyone knows this sweet soldier please tell him thank you for helping the geese family cross 19th!” she wrote.

Coker even shared the photos on the city’s Facebook page, which has since garnered more than 740 likes.

Though the soldier in the photo has yet to be identified, his kind gesture has melted the hearts of many netizens.

“Definitely need more people like this in the world!! Great picture and thank you for sharing the beautiful moment with us,” one Facebook user commented.

©Facebook Screenshot | Moore, Oklahoma

Another added, “Thank you, sir, that is so precious!”

Kudos to this anonymous soldier for helping out the little creatures!

Watch the video:

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