Woman’s husband chases down stranger who passed them a touching note—here’s what it said

A tired mom didn’t realize that when she was trying to have a meal while carrying her baby at the same time, she was being observed. It wasn’t long before a stranger approached her with a note and left. What was written made her husband take off after the stranger.

Several years ago, Colene Malaney and her husband were at Denver Airport with their young son to take a flight to San Diego, where they were planning to move to. When they sat down at one of the restaurants to have a quick meal, a woman passed Malaney a note.

The note read: “I wanted to offer to hold your sweet baby while you both ate lunch but my husband said I’d look like a stalker. So, I’m buying your lunch instead.”

“Enjoy that sweet baby—we have teenagers and know what’s ahead for you, so snuggle your wee one while you can.”

The note was initially posted on Reddit by Malaney, then appeared on the Facebook page of Love What Matters a few years later.

“I love how much this is still being passed around. It’s been four years!!” she commented.

Malaney recalled that after reading the sweet note, her husband got up and “ended up chasing them down in the airport to thank them and invited them to sit awhile.”

“They were such lovely people,” she added.

Malaney wrote that they have put the note “in a pretty little gold frame.” The note has been hung on the wall so as “to remind us of such beautiful kindness in this world, to remind us to be kind ourselves and most importantly to remind us to enjoy every waking moment with our two little boys, whether it be trying, goofy, fun or exhausting.”

“This wasn’t just an act of kindness that lasted a day,” she continued. “It has had ripple effects that has reached our souls that day and every day after.”

“Yes, she was a stranger and I’m not naive of this scary world we live in. Stranger or not, ignoring her off to hold our baby, they still paid for our hot meal. And her words were genuine.”

Malaney didn’t expect the woman, Julie Dampier Cook, to also come across the Facebook post.

Cook’s friend had seen the post and tagged her.

Malaney then replied: “You have an amazing memory. You are exactly right! And I was exhausted … have been ever since! we had a second boy last year just look at what you started!”

“Who would have thought?? I love, love, LOVE that this happened and we got to reconnect again.”

Illustration – Getty Images | RJ Sangosti / Contributor

With the help of the internet, Malaney finally reconnected with Cook five years after meeting at the airport. Looks like the internet has made the world such a small place!

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