Young man prepares to play last football game. When he’s told to look behind—he starts running

It can be tough for children to be separated from their military mother and/or father while growing up, which is why one father took time off to visit his son, whom he hadn’t seen in years. The reunion was a surprise, and an emotional one too.

U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Danny Melton had been away from home for almost three years. When he came to know that his son, Jayce Melton, would be playing his last high school football game soon, Danny knew he couldn’t miss it for the world.

The Navy officer took a leave of absence and arrived at the game moments before it was scheduled to begin.

“He thinks I’m still overseas in Italy … I’m just going to give him a huge hug and tell him how proud I am of him,” WFAA TV quotes Danny just before the start of the game.

Jayce hadn’t had the opportunity to meet his father for the past three years. Though he respected his father for serving the country, being separated was tormenting.

As Jayce was preparing for the playoff, he heard an announcement, which asked him to look at the 50 yards line.

Jayce was stunned—there was his father, whom he hadn’t seen in three years.

He ran towards his father, and they both hugged each other tightly.

Though Danny had to return to his duties, he fulfilled his son’s wish of seeing him in the best possible way.

Watch the moment here:

Photo Credit: Video Screenshot | ABC News.

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