6-year-old’s grave marker disappears—then parents are heartened by what strangers put at tomb

One thief did wrong and took the light-up fire truck from a little boy’s grave. But amazingly, two bikers soon showed up at the cemetery with a heartwarming delivery, and they weren’t the only ones.

When Michelle Malloy was pregnant with Zion Maldonado, she was told her baby boy would never make it out of the womb.

However, Zion beat the odds, and survived.

“They said he would never smile or laugh on his own but, oh, he did,” Malloy said, according to funeralfund.com.

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Sadly, six years later in early August 2013, Malloy and her husband, Isaac Maldonado, faced the unthinkable when they lost Zion to a congenital brain defect.

“We woke up and he had went in his sleep. He must have been really tired,” Malloy said.

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Zion was only 6 years old when he passed away.

“I miss my baby,” Malloy said. “He was a vibrant little boy at heart.”

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The devastated parents buried Zion near the tombs of his great-aunt, great-grandma and great-great-grandma, at Woodlawn Cemetery in Vermontville—a village in Eaton County, Michigan.

Knowing Zion feared the dark, they marked his grave with a solar-powered light-up fire truck and surrounded it with numerous trinkets to comfort his little soul.

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But weeks later, the grieving parents returned to Zion’s grave to find the light-up fire truck stolen.

They were heartbroken. The fire truck was Zion’s favorite toy, which offered him much comfort whenever he felt scared at night.

Anguished by the loss, the couple retold what happened to local news. And their story quickly spread overnight.

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The following morning, two bikers appeared at Zion’s grave site with the same type of light-up fire truck.

Amazingly, the bikers weren’t the only ones who came forward. In fact, many people contacted the couple, wanting to help.

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Soon, there were five light-up fire trucks surrounding the boy’s grave, according to a picture posted to FOX 17’s Facebook page.

“Zion’s lights..thanks again to Michael Hickok and Dawn Hodges for one, Thanks to Jill from the jewelry department of Meijer’s in Grandville Mi, Thanks to the anonymous person who placed one at the grave with the big yellow plant, and Thanks to John and Sherry Cords for the last twos [sic]. Zion is lighting up and we are beyond thankful and happy,” wrote the relative, who shared the picture.

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Zion’s parents were moved by the enormous support.

“Way more good has come than the one bad thing,” Malloy told WOOD TV8.

They hoped people would continue to spread that light in Zion’s honor.

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Sources: WOOD TV8, FOX 17, funeralfund.com.

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