After a tiring trip, dad is excited to see family at airport—but suddenly, his face goes blank

How wonderful it is to receive news that you’re going to have a baby! But, sometimes the news comes when least anticipated—which is what happened to one jet-lagged father. He took almost a minute to realize there were messages written especially for him on both his wife and youngest son’s shirts.

Michael Mitchell was eager to see his family after a tiring trip.

Illustration – Wikimedia | Brücke-Osteuropa

As Mitchell walked through the exit at the airport, he was greeted by his family, including his wife and two young sons, who were as excited as he was!

He immediately gave his wife and two boys a warm hug—one by one.

©YouTube Screenshot | No Excuses Just Results
©YouTube Screenshot | No Excuses Just Results

His wife then urged him to read the back of his youngest boy’s shirt, which read,“I’m being promoted to big brother.”

But, feeling jet-lagged and tired, he didn’t comprehend it and replied, “Awesome!”

©YouTube Screenshot | No Excuses Just Results

Mitchell nearly missed the surprise and continued to greet the others who came to welcome him back—when suddenly, he caught sight of the words written on his wife’s shirt.

©YouTube Screenshot | No Excuses Just Results

When he finally realized what those words meant, his face went blank!

Finding out your wife is expecting a baby is a big deal, so it was definitely the shock of a lifetime for Mitchell.

The camera man teased him by saying, “Oh hey Mike, I got the blank look on your face.”

©YouTube Screenshot | No Excuses Just Results

Mitchell’s reaction was more than what his family had anticipated.

©YouTube Screenshot | No Excuses Just Results
©YouTube Screenshot | No Excuses Just Results

The video, capturing the entire pregnancy announcement, was posted by Mitchell on his YouTube channel, garnering more than 2.3 million views.

©YouTube Screenshot | No Excuses Just Results

“This is my favorite baby announcement vid,” one YouTuber wrote.

Another added, “One of the best reactions EVER!! love it!!”

©YouTube Screenshot | No Excuses Just Results

Congratulations to the Mitchell family on their new addition!

Watch Mitchell’s priceless reaction in the video below:

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