Dad turns koi pond into pool for baby son and his reaction is just priceless

A man had always wanted to have a pool when growing up. When he himself became a father, he decided to build a pool for his baby son. The reaction he received from his baby was absolutely worth all the trouble.

The idea of having a swimming pool did not get to him until one of his friends suggested it. Initially, he was grieving over the loss of his dog and decided to work outdoors. He was digging a hole to build a concrete koi pond as he had done it a couple of times for other houses.

When his baby was born a few months later, he had to stop. That’s when his friend suggested building a pool instead.

He started with a blueprint

Drawing it out on the ground

He had the soil removed and installed water pipes, followed by a pump

Still a way off from completion

His baby boy came to get a feel for the pool

Even their cat dropped by to have a look

It’s almost done

Dream to come true soon

Here it is! Finally!

Of course, his son must try it out too. After all, it is for him!

And he’s happy! He loves his section of the pool

The pool looks amazing, more so at night!

Photos credit: Garage Montage