Father figured his 4-year-old was ready for a speedy ride—then turned on a gardening tool

What do kids do when they have dads equipped with a leaf blower and a head filled with crazy ideas? They end up having some insane, thrilling, and fun times.

Mark Bundy from Virginia wanted to give his 4-year-old son, Graham, a taste of riding a speedy vehicle. So, he came up with an innovative idea of using the leaf blower as a thrusting force on a tricycle.

In a YouTube video, Bundy, 38, had already sat his son down on his tricycle, positioned his leaf blower, and started it up. His son was immediately propelled along the gravel track.

“One small step for men, one giant leap for mankind,” says Bundy, as he prepares his son for a ride, as reported by MailOnline.

And even though the idea of combining the tricycle with a leaf blower looks exciting, Mark is not the only one to use the powered gardening tool to have fun with the kids.

An unnamed fellow came up with another, somewhat hands-free idea. His daughter apparently wanted to have some fun on the merry-go-round, and expected him to push the ride. So, he came up with an innovative idea to entertain his daughter’s request, and at the same time enjoy a read on the side, but without pushing.

So, how did he manage that? He had his daughter sit on the merry-go-round, placed the leaf blower on the adjacent side, and simply turned it on.

And to his daughter’s absolute joy, the ride started going round and round, pushed by the force of the leaf blower, while dad enjoyed his book.

Videos of both of the dads were uploaded online and have since gone viral.

And as “breeze parenting” gets more and more popular, don’t be surprised if you see a guy arrive at the park with a child and a leaf blower. Just be ready with your camera to capture the comical run.

Watch Graham blown by the leaf blower here:

Photo Credit: YouTube | Link 1, Link 2, Link 3.