Girl cries after repeatedly failing to win toy—then stranger walks over and gives life lesson

A mom in Cleveland wanted to teach her child a valuable life lesson after her child failed to win the toy she wanted, even after repeated attempts. At that moment of despair, a stranger walked over and taught them an even better lesson, which made the grateful mom want to pay it forward.

Brea Schmidt, a mom of three children aged 5, 3, and 1, was at a local carnival when her daughter asked to win a Poppy doll by “buying three-for-$1 tickets,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “Every time we tried, we lost … and each time she sweetly asked for another dollar for another try, until it got to the point where it had been enough,” Schmidt recalled.

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Schmidt, a writer and photographer, wrote that her daughter knew “it was her last dollar.”

Unfortunately, they lost again.

By then, her 5-year-old daughter was “exhausted” and sobbed in her arms.

Schmidt knows very well the feeling of disappointment, especially when one wants something but just cannot obtain it.

As she held her crying daughter in her arms, many thoughts crossed her mind.

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But as a mom, Schmidt also knew that this was an opportunity to provide her daughter with a valuable life lesson: “The one about not winning all of the time. About accepting that there are things that you want, and no matter hard you try, you still might not get them.”

At that moment, a mom who had watched Schmidt’s daughter excitedly open all the tickets walked over and offered to pay for another ticket.

It was a winning ticket! Schmidt’s daughter was thrilled when the woman presented her with the prize.

Though Schmidt couldn’t give the “you don’t always get what you want lesson,” the stranger’s actions had taught them something else.

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“When I see the doll, I’ll remember the day that kindness went viral and I’ll use that lesson to remind me how important it is to instill kindness in my kids so that they are the kind of people who will seek out opportunities to share it,” Schmidt told ABC News.

“As she heads into her school-age years, I want her to be a person who recognizes when someone else is having a tough moment or looks like they need a friend, and that she will want to step in and give them that same feeling she had when that woman shared her kindness with her.”

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She added that the family plans to donate many of their children’s toys as a way of paying the kindness forward.

Schmidt’s daughter now knows that if she sees someone sad, she has to “do something for them so they’re not sad anymore.”

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