Man spots popped balloon lying in grass—he picks it up and sees something strange attached

Everyone’s process of dealing with grief is different, but rarely do strangers get an opportunity to see these private moments. One man was unfortunate enough to stumble upon a grief-stricken stranger’s memento while walking through a field near his home.

It’s nearly impossible to accurately describe the gamut of emotions one experiences after losing a loved one. That’s not an accident—truthfully, there are no words that can convey what it feels like when one loses a mother, brother, father, or sister. All the creativity in the world won’t help whatsoever—there’s just a black hole where the words once used to be. Nothing comes to mind as you sit in front of a keyboard and try to convey the anger, pain, frustration, rage, and emptiness that plagues you after someone you love with all of your heart is gone. Despite the difficulty that comes with trying to describe, in words, the feelings associated with loss, the process can be incredibly therapeutic. A mysteriously cathartic sensation accompanies putting thoughts down with a pen and paper.

Everyone deals with loss differently, and the process is often private. However, one man stumbled upon another person’s grief when he encountered a popped balloon lying in the grass. It was in a field not far from his house, and he decided to pick up the deflated piece of rubber. However, on closer inspection, he noticed something a little different about this balloon.


Attached to the balloon was a note—it was addressed to someone’s mother who had passed away. The letter read:

“Mom, I miss you so much. I just want you to know that I really am sorry for hurting you. I made it mom. I made it through High School. I Love You, Momma. I love you so much.”


This little, deflated balloon was a memento dedicated to the memory of a loved one. The note’s contents are a painful reminder to always appreciate loved ones. Never take family members for granted, because every moment with them is a gift—a loving family is a blessing that can be taken away at any second.

Silly arguments and subsequent anger towards a parent, brother, or sister are entirely natural. However, it’s essential to learn how to let go of petty disputes. Tragedy can strike at any moment, and the regret of never getting to say sorry after a silly argument can eternally haunt a conscience.

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