Mom puzzled seeing her toddler in tears—but when she asked why, she couldn’t believe her ears

It’s often hard to deal with a wailing toddler, but it is not the case for this pure-hearted little girl. The tot cried her heart out for an unbelievably sweet reason—she was overcome with emotions because of Jesus’s love for her!

Ella Grace Pierce, 2, was captured crying over Jesus Christ in a viral video. The tot from Virginia prayed to Jesus ever since she was one year old. In the adorable video, Ella, the devoted Jesus follower, suddenly broke down in tears while praying.

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“Why are you crying?” her mother, Emily Bannard, asked Ella.

“Jesus,” Ella replied.

“What about Jesus?” Bannard asked.

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In a sweet moment, Ella told Bannard, “Mommy, lay down.” As Bannard lay down, she again asked Ella why she was crying.

“Because Jesus,” the innocent Ella said. “Jesus loves me,” the little girl continued, while sobbing uncontrollably. Hearing that, Bannard laughed lightly.

“I want Jesus to come,” cried Ella. After which, Bannard persuaded her to take a short nap.

©Facebook | Emily Bannard

In an interview with MailOnline, Bannard shared that Ella started praying at just one year old when she spotted a little boy crying at the park. Till this day, Ella continued to pray for the boy, which is “adorable,” Bannard said.

©Facebook | Emily Bannard

According to Bannard, the innocent Ella “finds crosses in anything and everything,” loves singing songs about Jesus, and always talks about her love for Him.

“It really is so sweet and makes my heart so happy. We’ve always had strong faith in our family. Ella makes prayer a routine every night before bed and won’t let you forget,” Bannard said.

“She is a little superstar and we are so proud,” she said.

©Facebook | Emily Bannard

Ella’s love for Jesus and others is absolutely touching! Did her sweet nature melt your heart?

Watch the video: