Mom sees garbage man pick up toddler—what he does next makes her record the moment

A Los Angeles couple enjoy garbage mornings. Why? Well, they’ve got a great garbage man of course! Moreover, their young son loves his regular meetups with his neighborhood hero, because they get to play and do the trash together. Mom recorded them at work one morning, and the 23-second-long clip has become a favorite online.

Like other children, Gary Guidry, of Baton Rouge, was fascinated by the sound of the garbage truck. Ever since he was 5 months old, the garbage man in charge of the sanitation in his neighborhood already knew him very well, and would often spend some time with him.

And their endearing interactions were often witnessed by Gary’s mother.

One day in February 2017, Gary’s mother, Shelley Guidry, decided to record their adorable meetups on camera, and posted it on her Facebook page with the caption, “Mr. Anthony’s morning helper!”

Illustration – Wikimedia | BotMultichillT

Her video shows the garbage man, known as Mr. Anthony to the families in the neighborhood, carrying Gary in one arm while doing his garbage duties. The 15-month-old boy was “helping” Anthony to push the garbage can up the driveway.

Guidry told WAFB that Anthony would sometimes stop to play sidewalk chalk with her son, and every Monday and Thursday, he would spend a few minutes with Gary.

“The sweetness of their little friendship totally makes our Monday and Thursday mornings!” she said.

After her video went viral on Facebook, many people couldn’t help but marvel at the sweet moment.

“They really have the cutest little friendship! It’s just about the sweetest thing,” Guidry wrote.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Shelley Ann McGlathery Guidry

One user who watched the video happened to recognize Anthony and praised him.

“That’s my old neighbor. He’s a great guy and really loves the kids,” the woman wrote.

And Guidry was delighted to hear it.

“This is awesome, I was hoping someone who knows Anthony would see this—we love our mornings with Mr. Anthony!” she replied.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Shelley Ann McGlathery Guidry

In March, WAFB uploaded a new photo showing the duo again, which once again received lots of positive response.

“Mr. Anthony surprised his best friend this morning with a toy garbage truck. Look how precious!” WAFB wrote.

And Guidry’s husband, Ryan, was happy to see the positive responses from social media users.

“These guys work hard, and they still take time out of their day to spend time with my son. That time means a lot to our family, and I’m glad it’s touching so many others as well,” he wrote.

Watch the video below:

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