Dad’s old SHIRTS turned into daughters’ lovely new DRESSES by ‘artist’ seamstress Mom!

This creative seamstress mother makes good use of her husband’s old shirts; she transforms them into gorgeous dresses for her daughters in the most fashionable way. Just look at how neat they look on these two little girls!

Stephanie Miller from Utah is a mom of four. Before becoming a mother, she had been an art teacher and gave drawing and painting classes. Unfortunately, after having her children, she lost touch with her creative side.

“We were living in a one-bedroom apartment with little space for me to set up my paintings, the oil paints have unhealthy fumes, and it took me too long to set up my paints with a baby to care for. I was suffering with postpartum depression, and with the lifestyle shock of motherhood, I felt a loss of identity,” she told Huffington Post.

Fortunately, she has a wonderful husband who believed in her artistic abilities, and he found a solution for her creative falling out. He bought her a sewing machine for her to try out a new artistic endeavor. This was just what she needed.

“I was hooked! Sewing helped break my postpartum and honestly made me happy,” said Miller. She used YouTube tutorials to help her learn this wonderful craft.

It didn’t take much time until she hit upon a great idea: “Three months ago, my husband was getting rid of clothes and on top of the pile was a shirt I had just given him for Christmas,” Stephanie said. “I was frustrated at him for wanting to get rid of something so new, but it had shrunk.

“I kept it and a few of his other shirts in hopes of making something out of them. I follow some other seamstresses on Instagram and saw some of their refashions and thought, ‘I could try that.’”

What happened afterward was just pure gold. She made beautiful dresses for her daughters out of her husband’s old shirts, and the girls looked just gorgeous in them.

“When I’m doing laundry my little girls will pick up their daddy’s shirts and make requests for dresses,” Stephanie said.

Making clothes for her family is not only a fun activity for Stephanie; through her work, she also wants to express something positive in the world.

“I want to improve the world around me through my art and hope to inspire others to do the same,” she said. “Making and creating is such an important process to me, and I believe everyone can create something beautiful in their life that brings deep satisfaction and fulfillment.

“The more we take time to be creative, the more beautiful the world around us becomes.”