Mom’s excited when soldier son comes unannounced—she’s dumbfounded to see what they’re holding

It was such a surprise for one Indiana mother to be unexpectedly visited by her soldier son and his wife during the holidays. But after seeing what her daughter-in-law was holding in her arms, she burst into tears of joy.

Eva Goeb, 52, heard a knock at the door.

It was her military son and daughter-in-law—they had turned up unannounced, and had secretly planned to stay with family for Christmas. But as Eva rounded the corner to meet the young couple, whom she was already delighted about, she received her second surprise when she actually saw them—in fact, she became overwhelmed with joy.

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It’s obvious that on seeing her daughter-in-law, Miranda, cradling a newborn baby—a new addition to the family that Eva had no idea of—she was overjoyed.

“We hid our secret for almost 10 days before we could fly home,” Miranda told WTHR.

Eva, who lives in Franklin, said her husband only told her that her son, Donny Goeb, and daughter-in-law were at the front door, but there was no announcement about a newborn baby.

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“I was just dumbfounded,” Eva told ABC News. “I just had a flood of emotions and thoughts going through my head and, as soon as it registered, I just kind of lost it.”

Donny captured on camera the incredible moment when an overjoyed grandmother first met her new granddaughter. Jumping up and down in the air with joy, the new grandmother burst into tears as she cradled the adopted 2-week-old baby, Melissa Faith, nicknamed Lily. The video of Eva’s heartwarming reaction has been viewed by more than 10.7 million people on YouTube.

Donny and Miranda have been a dual Air Force family since 2008. After Miranda retired in September 2015, the couple decided to start a family and began the adoption process while Donny, an active duty military officer, remained stationed at JB Pearl Harbor Hickam in Hawaii.

“We chose not to tell our families due to so many unknowns,” Miranda said. “We wanted to protect our hearts and theirs. We were taking a huge leap of faith. Once the baby Lily was officially placed with us, to become our daughter, we decided that it was not the type of news to be shared over the phone.”

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The couple also paid an unexpected visit to Miranda’s family during the holidays. They were as surprised to see them and meet their new baby daughter.

“Neither of our families thought we were coming home for Christmas, let alone bringing a baby,” Miranda said. “They were shocked, enamored, in awe and in love simultaneously.”

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“We are so blessed by Lily, her birth parents and our families,” she added.  “It will be quite the Christmas to remember.”

Want to see grandma’s reaction for yourself? Check out the video below:

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