3-year-old has a ‘meltdown’ when mom says 4 unexpected words—but wait until you see its ending

This young lady had a dramatic reaction to the news the baby her mom was expecting was a boy. As the rhyme goes, “What are little girls made of? Sugar ‘n spice and all things nice.”

Daisy Martin, 3, from Cardiff, was inconsolable, at least until the lolly bag appeared, to the news she was to have a baby brother, and NOT a baby sister. “But I want a sister, I want it to be a little baby girl,” Daisy cried out and broke down inconsolably in the video.

Mom Siobhan, who was due to have the baby in February, had an inkling little Daisy would be upset at the news it was a boy. “Daisy had said that she thought it would be a girl, so when we had the scan and found out it was a boy we thought we would break it to her gently,” Siobhan said, according to a report by MailOnline.

“We thought a note with some sweets as a gift from him would be a nice way to tell her, but I was very surprised by the intensity of her reaction,” Siobhan said.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Siobhan O’Brien

“She’s a dramatic little girl, it’s her personality. She’ll have a meltdown and then be fine again. But she’s a sociable little girl, she’s clever and caring, and by the time her brother is born she’ll be four so she’ll be that bit older and will be able to help,” Siobhan said.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Siobhan O’Brien

“She’s a real girly girl, she loves ballet and fairies and sparkly things. Even when you try to guide her away from that she looks for them immediately again. I think that’s why she wanted a girl so much. But when he arrives she will be fine.”

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Siobhan O’Brien

However, Daisy hadn’t given up hope, and had one last desperate plea: ”She asked me yesterday if it would be ‘too tricky to make the baby a girl now if we went back to the doctors’ so she isn’t quite ready to let go of her idea of a baby sister,” said Siobhan.

She is sure to be happy when her baby brother arrives and forget all about the “sister” idea. Mom planned on sending Daisy a present from her new brother when he arrived; that would be sure to help soften the blow!

Watch her reaction below!

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