Son disappears in Walmart—then mom finds him kneeling in front of blue board

To see children acting in a way that is considerate of others is a wonderful thing, and speaks volumes of how their parents have raised them. With the passing of time, each generation of children will make up society’s mainstream in the ensuing decades. So, it’s a service to society to teach them the fundamentals of being a proper human being.

It didn’t take long for one lady’s son to disappear on her one day in 2017. “I had to run into Walmart,” the mother wrote on the Facebook page KVNE. “I turned around to make sure my son was next to me.”

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She looked around and found him alone and kneeling on the ground.

There must’ve been something that made her son, Braydon, pray there. And the answer was revealed in the blue board that was hanging in front of him.

It was a bulletin board showing photos and details of missing persons, including teens and children—her son was praying for them.

The Facebook post soon went viral, and like the mom, many Facebook users found the scene “amazing,” and left positive comments on the post.

A man wrote: “To this child’s parents, you should be very proud of yourselves as you’ve raised this child to be a caring and respectful individual. He is such a positive example for everyone.”

“This has got to be the most beautiful thing I have seen. You must be a very proud mother. I’m proud of your son and proud of you.. Thank you for sharing this moment in time,” a woman added.

Braydon’s grandmother, Mary Bryant, also commented on the post: “That’s our great grandson Braydon and why he is loved so much and so proud of him. Love. Gram & Pop’s.”

When Kelly Binion, cousin of one missing Georgia teen, Aubrey Carroll, saw Bryant’s post, she told Bryant she wanted to thank her grandson personally for his actions.

“I just want to say thank you. My cousins [sic] picture is up on that wall. He is 16 and has been missing for over a year. I wish we could personality [sic] thank him. When we saw this picture I had a lump in my throat. Thank you,” Binion wrote.

Braydon’s sincere gesture has inspired others to do the same the next time they stop by Walmart.

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