Son passes away in tragic accident. But one day mom’s shocked to hear his name on radio

This mother, who had just lost her son to a freak accident at work, had quite the surprise one day, after her kids requested help from a popular Australian radio station, KIIS 1065.

Aussie mother Michelle was in the car with her daughter, Crystal, who was driving, and her two other children, Jessica and Tom. Michelle was being driven to the spa for a short break three months after the tragic death of her beloved 19-year-old son, Blaine, who was involved in a work accident at a turf company in December 2014.

The loss of a child is unimaginably devastating for a parent. Her affectionate son always showered everything with “a big heart and a smile,” according to KIIS 1065. He often helped his mom with the housework, not to mention helping out with renovations.

To help their mother at this difficult point in time, Michelle’s children had made a request to the radio station KIIS 1065.

It seemed that Crystal had it all organized, and turned the radio on as planned whilst she was driving.

Just as the family started listening to KIIS 1065, host Jackie O said: “This is someone who has lost someone very close to them and she has been struggling with this loss for a while now.”

“The woman I’m speaking to, she has her three children in the car with her, she’s wearing a light blue top—and she thinks she’s heading to a spa day,” the host continued.

“Michelle, we are talking to you,” the host announced.

As Michelle heard her name being called out on air, she was more than surprised. She turned and looked at her daughter, puzzled.

Host Jackie O seemed to have a lump in her throat as she said: “And I know how hard you’ve been suffering, you’ve faced what no parent should ever have to go through.”

As the host began describing Blaine, Michelle teared up. Michelle was so overwhelmed that she covered her face whilst listening to what the hosts were telling her.

“She’s facing pressure to go back to work. And she’s just not ready,” host Jackie O said.

“Right. Life still has to go on. Bills have to be paid,” host Kyle chipped in.

“For six months we would like to pay your mortgage so that you don’t have to rush back to work and you can take your time to grieve properly,” the host concluded.

Upon learning that Blaine had been working on renovating the house, but didn’t get the chance to finish, the hosts chipped in another $5,000, to put toward the renovations.

“Thank you so much, thank you so much. I can’t believe it—it’s wonderful, thank you,” Michelle said, while sobbing uncontrollably on the phone.

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Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot | KIIS 1065.