Twins conjoined at chest had less survival chances—but after surgery, they even stunned doctors

Doctors held out very little hope for these twins to be able to survive, but they have surprised everyone. Having made tremendous progress, these sisters are indeed remarkable!

When doctors realized Misty Oglesby was carrying twins and that they were conjoined, medical staff watched them very carefully while they were still in the womb. When Misty was 31 weeks pregnant, they were delivered by C-section.

“We found out we were having twins and they were conjoined all on the same day,” said Misty. “I was twenty weeks along.”

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Shylah and Selah were conjoined at the stomach. They had separate hearts and lungs but shared a liver.

Their parents, Misty and Curtis Oglesby, were terrified of losing their baby girls but agreed to have the two sisters undergo the difficult surgery to separate them.

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So, a team of specialists at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital developed a plan over the following three months, determining the best surgical approach.

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“We were not sure we would get them back,” said Misty. “I knew it was necessary, but it was very very difficult.”

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Thankfully, the surgery was successful. However, Selah had a congenital heart defect and had to undergo several surgeries to correct it.

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Fast-forward two years and both girls are making fabulous progress.

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Doctors were stunned at the headway they’ve made and praised the twins’ parents for their amazing support.

“They are doing an awesome job in caring for their babies,” said doctor Foong-Yen Lim, surgical director of the Cincinnati Fetal Center.

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“Today feels like their first birthday,” says their mom. “Their first birthday in which they’ll be able to eat cake. The first birthday where they’re mobile and able to get around and open presents.”

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“They are my miracles,” said Misty. “I am in awe of their progress.”

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They certainly look happy and healthy! It just shows that with determination and faith, anything is possible.

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