Mom stressed over sick baby crying in restaurant. When waiter made odd request, she took a pic

Motherhood can be extremely rewarding, but the care of a baby can also cause days of bone-deep tiredness. At those times, a kind word or helping hand means more to a struggling parent than most people can understand.

Dallas French has experienced motherhood several times by now. She has one beautiful teenage daughter and two twin girls who’re about to enter adolescence. So, Dallas was confident that she’d already seen the worst of motherhood, and there was nothing left to frazzle her.

Then, she delivered Ellee, her fourth, and remembered the sleepless months, which were about to follow.

The next four months were tiring but fulfilling, and Dallas hoped the worst was over. Then, Baby Ellee, who had just gotten her vaccine shot, started to show signs of a fever. No one thought this was cause for worry, until they found that Ellee couldn’t keep down anything she ate.

After several visits to the doctor and a morning full of tests, they found out that Ellee had contracted E. coli.

It had already been a difficult week, so when the Frenches came out of the Children’s Hospital that day, they decided to stop over at the local Olive Garden for lunch.

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Baby Ellee had gone through a lot that morning, and the fever and pain made her usual fidgeting a hundred times worse. Unable to quiet her, Dallas started filling her formula bottle so she would have something to occupy her mind with.

Unfortunately, in her haste, Dallas managed to spill the contents all over her clothes and the table. Near tears herself now, the tired mother prepared the bottle again as her food sat cooling on the table.

Unknown to them, one of the waiters, Rob Davis, had been observing their struggle with the little baby for a while. So, when he brought along their breadsticks and salad, Davis offered to feed Ellee as the couple finished their lunch.

Surprised and grateful, Dallas handed him the bottle, and Davis went around the back of their chair to lean over the baby and hold the bottle as she drank.

It was clear that Davis was good with babies. He focused wholly on entertaining Ellee, while her parents finally enjoyed a moment of peace. Eric Dallas even took a snap of the smiling waiter, completely entranced by the little baby girl.

A few days later, when Ellee was on her way to recovery and Dallas was less stressed out, she posted the picture on Olive Garden’s Facebook page, sharing their story in the caption. She apologized for not learning the name of the waiter but said that she really wanted to thank him.

Rob Davis didn’t find out until several days later that he’d become an internet sensation for doing something that was second nature to him.

When Dallas French came back to the restaurant to thank him again in person, she met Davis’s own family. A father of three kids, David understood exactly what Dallas had been going through that day, which is why it never occurred to him that his gesture had been something special.

In his own words, he “just wanted to look at the beautiful baby!”

But as any tired mother could tell him, the simple kindness of his act meant the world on a day when everything else was going wrong. It kept a mother from being overwhelmed, and it made her baby smile.

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Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Inside Edition.