Wife learns she’s pregnant after husband dies—at ultrasound, doctors give ‘jaw-dropping’ news

After a tragic car accident claimed the life of her husband, a mother discovered she was pregnant. She had mixed emotions between grief over losing her husband and of feeling blessed for expecting a new life; however, she soon found out she had much more to expect.

Courtney Hill and her husband, Brian Hill, had a happy life. They had a 1-year-old daughter, Reagan, and were hoping on having more children. Unfortunately, an unexpected tragedy occurred, which turned Courtney’s life upside down. Brian Hill, 40, a retired Navy Corpsman and Bronze Star winner, died in a car crash in Oklahoma while making a delivery for a lumber company.

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“Losing (Brian) has been one of the hardest things my family has ever had to go through,” Amanda Willey, 32, Courtney’s twin sister, told TODAY. “From the first day I met him, I knew (Courtney and Brian) were a perfect match. They completed each other, and Brian was the best addition to our family.”

“Brian really showed her what true love was,” Willey, of Libertyville, Illinois, told ABC News. “They had a relationship unlike any other couple I’ve ever met … just the smile on their faces, the sparkle in their eye. Anyone that was around them knew they loved each other.”

©Facebook | The Hill Triplets, Due October 2016

“My sister is very strong,” Willey said. “She is obviously going through a lot, but she has felt so much support from family and friends.

“She’s really keeping her head up and doing a great job. Throughout all of this, I don’t know how she does it. I call her ‘the rock.’ I’m just proud of her. She’s quite the courageous woman.”

During those hard days, Courtney, who resides in Sherman, Texas, discovered some surprising news on the morning of Brian’s wake—she was pregnant. What’s more, she was pregnant with triplets!

“[We were] shocked and very excited,” Willey said. “We feel it is a blessing.”

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Courtney, a stay-at-home mom, now has to raise Reagan and the triplets by herself. Willey started a GoFundMe account to raise money for Courtney’s family. In just half a month, the fund had risen to more than $41,000 of her $50,000 goal.

“I’m so appreciative and thankful and grateful, and I’ll never know who some of (the donors) are,” Courtney said.

“While we are sure that times will continue to be challenging, the donations will help make bringing the three new blessings into this world, a bit easier,” Willey said. “We are forever grateful for all of these gifts.”

In an update on Facebook in June 2016, some sad news concerning one of the triplets, Brady, was published.

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Months later, Miles and Harper came into the world on Sept. 21 at exactly five minutes apart. On the same Facebook page, we see a lot of happy updates of Courtney with her two babies, who’re looking lovely together with their older sister.

©Facebook | The Hill Triplets, Due October 2016

Lamenting the loss of her husband, Courtney said she will make sure Brian’s memory is etched into her children’s memory forever.

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“They will all know about their dad,” she said. “From the military to family man… he was the true hero. He was an amazing man, always willing to help others. He was just an amazing father and husband. He was perfect.”

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