Worried mom speeds to ER after baby starts vomiting—then spots strange car on their tail

The driver of a car that had been tailing a frantic mom, who was speeding to a hospital, wasn’t a cop but an off-duty nurse who went above and beyond her duty to help this woman and her 20-month-old son one fateful evening. Thanks to this mysterious angel, the toddler’s life was saved!

Metro Atlanta mom Brandy Lancaster was worried sick when her son was diagnosed with strep throat and croup one Saturday in late January.

To make matters worse, she accidentally slipped on a restaurant floor while carrying her 20-month-old son. The baby’s head hit the tiled floor during the fall, and had to spend the Saturday night at the emergency room.

On Sunday, the whole family spent the day at the doctor’s office because Lancaster’s daughter also came down with strep throat.

Moreover, she and her husband were also sick.

Things didn’t improve on Monday either.

By Monday evening, her son contracted a fever and started vomiting.


Fearing the worst, at around 6:15 p.m., Lancaster sped 90–100 mph down the Georgia State Route 400 with her flashers on.

While on her way to the ER, the boy threw up again, and began to choke. Sensing the emergency, Lancaster drove as fast as she could to reach the hospital.

As Lancaster was rushing to the hospital, she caught sight of a strange car, a four-door Black Camry, tailing them in the rear-view mirror.

The car followed them all the way into the parking lot of Northside Hospital Forsyth. That’s when a pretty lady, around 25–35 years old, got out of the car to check on the boy, who was unresponsive at this stage.

That lady, wearing glasses and donning a dark navy-blue scrub, was actually a nurse.

She rushed the baby inside the hospital and immediately told the staff exactly what treatment the boy needed.

That evening, Lancaster was “a wreck and not making much sense.” But her baby’s life was saved thanks to the mysterious nurse who acted on her instinct.

For that, Lancaster and her family are eternally grateful.

To reach out to the anonymous nurse to say thanks, Lancaster took to Facebook to share the story.

“In the midst of everything going on, I never got your name nor do I recall expressing to you JUST how very thankful I am for everything you did and that you cared enough to help!” she wrote. “I’d really love to reach out to her directly and let her know how appreciative we are of her.”

©Facebook | Brandy Lancaster

After getting the words out, the nurse was eventually identified—her name is Jenny Rivers.

“I love working with Jenny, it’s not the first time she’s done something like this, she’s a people person, her pleasant personality is exceptional,” Rivers’s colleague, Sharon Thelwell Rose, wrote in response to Lancaster’s post.

Rivers later commented on the post. “I’m excited to see you both in a better state of health!!!” she wrote.

Rivers happened to be in the right spot at the right time. And listening to her instinct, she chose to jump in to intervene. She’s an angel!

Source: Liftable.

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