Man sees dog ‘crying’ beside sealed box on side of the road—what he finds inside is heartbreaking

Every year, 6 million to 8 million cats and dogs are abandoned by their owners. If the pets are lucky, their humans go through the proper channels to rehome them. The unlucky ones are often just left by the side of the road, far enough from home that they can’t find their way back. Unsurprisingly, many of these animals don’t make it.

But one such tragedy was averted in Boonville, Missouri, when a good Samaritan noticed the distress of a dog sitting by the side of a road alone.

On a highway, 100 miles from Kansas City, a shaggy, black spaniel sat next to a cardboard box. Occasionally, she would paw at it, but despite the cold weather, she refused to leave it to seek shelter.

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Many cars passed her by, until one stopped to check on her. The keening of the dog and the movements inside the box instantly answered a lot of questions. But, when the good Samaritan tried to open the box, he found it taped shut. He quickly retrieved a penknife from the car and slit the tape open. Inside, he found four wriggling puppies, barely a month old.

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Fortunately, this man knew enough of the area to take the shivering mother and her four pups to the nearest pet clinic. At Crain Veterinary Center, they were warmed up and checked for injuries. All the pups had worms, mites, and skin infections, but they didn’t have any wounds.

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The rescuer then contacted Midwest Animal ResQ, a non-profit shelter that takes in all cases of extreme injuries or abandonment and finds them new homes. Erin Morse answered his appeal and met the rescued spaniel and her pups at the clinic. The vets and Morse both agreed that the only reason the puppies were still alive was because they had been keeping each other warm.

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The mother’s condition had to be monitored closely for a few days, but soon all five canines were transported to Kansas City and admitted under the care of the shelter’s vet, Susan Schatz, who had experience with such cases. With proper medical attention, the puppies started recovering quickly.

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In the future, when the pups are older and much healthier, Erin Morse and her team will start looking for good homes for all of them. Right now, thanks to the actions of one good Samaritan and a team of rescuers, this little family is safe, warm and together.

This just goes to show that no matter how heartless some can be, so long as there are people willing to stop and show concern, others will step up to help save the day!

Watch the story of this mom-and-pup rescue below: