Couple pleads for help to find missing dog—when volunteers hear why, they leap into action

A couple in Texas were devastated when their dog went missing after a car accident. Once volunteers from an animal rescue group learned why the couple couldn’t search for the dog themselves, the group quickly went out to find the animal.

July 11, 2017, is a day that Erica Cruz will never forget. Erica’s boyfriend, Trenton Ray, was driving her to work that Tuesday; their beloved pet Labrador retriever mix, Daisy Mae, was in the car too.

©Facebook | Erica Cruz

They came upon some traffic on George Bush Turnpike, so Trenton slowed down. Then, without warning, they were hit from the back by an 18-wheeler.

“I looked in my rear view mirror, and all I saw was a big ole grill guard,” Trenton told WFAA. “And that’s the last thing that I remember.”

The collision caused the couple to be knocked unconscious briefly. When paramedics arrived to help the couple, Erica and Trenton realized that Daisy Mae was gone.

©Facebook | Erica Cruz

“And there’s no remains of her, there’s nothing. So she got out and she’s somewhere,” Trenton said.

“She’s out there somewhere, and I just want her home,” Erica added.

Hoping to find their beloved dog, Erica took to her Facebook page to post a message and pleaded for help.

“There were no signs of her deceased in the car which means she fell out of the car during the wreck,” Erica wrote. “State Troopers ran up and down the highway looking for remains of her & nothing was found. Daisy ran from the scene & has been gone ever since.”

©Facebook | Erica Cruz

“So if you could share my post and get the word out around the Richardson/Plano/mckinney surrounding areas that would be so so greatly appreciated,” she added.

Erica also explained why she and Trenton were not able to search for Daisy themselves.

“Trenton obtained a head and neck injury as well as lots of pulled muscles and bruises,” Erica wrote. “I suffer from 2 fractures in my back, sprained ankle and intensive whiplash.”

©Facebook | Erica Cruz

Erica’s Facebook post soon went viral and attracted the attention of volunteers from Mutts and Mayhem Animal Rescue. Six days after Erica posted the message for help, the volunteers found Daisy Mae!

“She was not very far from the wreck at all, maybe 150 yards,” Shannon Freeman from the rescue group told WUSA.

©Facebook Video Screenshot | Mutts & Mayhem Emergency Search and Rescue

Daisy’s femur was shattered in five places and she required surgery; unfortunately, her leg could not be saved and had to be amputated. Despite the trauma Daisy Mae suffered, her spirit remained strong.

“I definitely think she is a miracle dog,” Dr. Sable Murray of SummerTree Animal and Bird Clinic said. “If you would have had [any other] dog out there for six days, they wouldn’t have made it.”

©Facebook | Erica Cruz

Erica was grateful for all the help she received in finding and treating Daisy Mae.

“I appreciate everything, seriously,” Erica told WFAA. “I didn’t know there were good people out there in the world.”

There certainly are many good people in this world willing to lend a helping hand to strangers, some even do so on a daily basis—just look at the volunteers from Mutts and Mayhem Animal Rescue.

Watch animal rescuers help Daisy below:

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