Cows get married in a lavish wedding that costed 18 lakhs and was attended by 300 people

Last year, we all witnessed an Ahmedabad businessman held a lavish wedding for his beloved pet cow-daughter, Poonam with a seemingly deserving bull – Arjun, from the Kotiya district’s neighbouring town of Badagana.  The wedding consisted of all the excitement and activities that go on in every proud Indian celebration.

Poona and Arjun at their wedding at Kotiya village in Bhavnagar. Credit: The Indian Express

Watch the wedding video here: Youtube

Apart from being an unusual view, it also turned out to be spectacular with more than 300 guests in attendance, the “bride” travelling in a palanquin, entertained by a three-member wedding orchestra and all that jazz. The event even attracted wide media coverage.

And with a year having gone by, we find out that the marriage is going well, thanks to a Gujarati news channel called ‘Sandesh News’ that decided to do follow-up on the story and invited Vijaybhai, Poonam’s father to the studio who turned up with a two-month-old calf of Poonam and Arjun in tow.

As Vijaybhai spoke about his love for cows and how dear his daughter Poonam is to him, the calf busied itself with exploring the studio and eating leaves. Adorned with silver anklets and a green scarf around its neck, the calf was also fed some food by the channel’s staff.

You can watch the entire episode in Gujarati here: Youtube