Dad repeatedly says ‘no’ when teen wants a cat—then she crafts ‘wall of sorrow’ to shame dad

How do you convince your parents to get you a cat when they have repeatedly said no? For this 13-year-old Texas girl, she knew exactly how, and she did it using paper and pure ingenuity. Check out her convincing masterpiece below.

Two years ago, Danielle Grubisic and her family mourned the loss of their beloved cat of 19 years. Danielle’s younger sister, Peyton, 13, was particularly sad.

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“My sister had been heartbroken ever since,” she told The Dodo.

Peyton wished to get a cat more than anything, and her pleas to her father were fruitless. Her dad kept saying “no” because of his allergy and the amount of responsibility involved in caring for the animal.

Despite her father’s consistent refusal, Peyton was not deterred. Her birthday was coming up, and she had her heart set on a cat as a birthday gift. So Peyton decided to switch tactics—and she took it to a whole new level.

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“Her birthday was December 9th, and her wish was to get a new cat so she decided to make a ‘wall of sorrow’ which took her about an hour to do,” Danielle told Love Meow.

Peyton’s “wall of sorrow” was made up of more than 20 pieces of paper, a combination of pictures and text—all with the sole purpose to make her dad feel guilty! Her key message focused on how adopting a shelter cat could save its life.

She pasted photos and drawings of cats with teary eyes on the wall, alongside heartbreaking notes such as, “[You’re] letting them die in a tiny box doing nothing but crying” and “Please, your letting cats die alone, and never got to have a family or feel loved.”

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One photo was a cat with a tear coming out of its eye. Peyton drew an arrow pointing to the cat’s tear and wrote, “This is because of you.”

“She loves animals,” Danielle said. “And she’s a very persuasive little girl!”

And guess what? Peyton’s plan worked! Apparently, her dad’s guilt prompted him to finally say yes. “He eventually caved!” Danielle said.

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Peyton and her dad then visited a local animal shelter one day and adopted Mittens—one of the shelter’s oldest residents.

“She loves her cat and they’ve been cuddling together since we got her,” Danielle told Love Meow.

Peyton is not the only family member spending quality time with Mittens—even her father has fallen in love with the nearly 2-year-old furry companion.

©Twitter | Danielle Grubisic

“She loves our house, and the family loves her!” Danielle shared. “It’s definitely a happier environment in the house.”

Thanks to the brilliant, persuasive tactics of Peyton, one shelter cat has finally found a forever home. It goes to show that persistence and hard work does pay off.

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