Aggressive dog was about to be put down—then, one woman insisted to see him before

When a dog listener found out about a dog that was going to be put to sleep because of his aggressive behavior, she was determined to save him. In just a few days, she not only gained his trust but also saved the two other dogs that were with him.

Samantha Browne, a certified dog listener, was working at the South Africa SPCA when she came across a dog that had been displaying aggressive behavior. She knew that she needed to save the dog. She later named him Cerberus.

In the K9 Magazine, Browne said, “My fears were confirmed when I was told that because of his behavior he only had 24 hours to live. I managed to buy him more time. I think it was curiosity and seeing me prove myself that gave Cerberus and me this chance.”

Browne described how she first stood by his side for two hours while ignoring him. She had wanted to wait for him to stop barking. She explained that she was sending a message to Cerberus: “I am no threat to you, but I am also not threatened by you.”

As time passed, Browne finally entered Cerberus’s pen, and, eventually, Cerberus accepted her leadership and would come sit by her side. She could not touch him, however, as he still viewed hands as weapons.

Then after six days, Browne tried calling for Cerberus, and he came without delay. After that, she knew it was time for her to foster Cerberus.

She also fostered his starving puppy, named Charlie, and Cerberus took him under his wing. Charlie was later adopted by a friend.

There was also a third dog that was in the kennel with Cerberus and Charlie, and Browne also managed to save her life as well. Previously an extremely nervous dog, Browne managed to find a home for her.

After Cerberus’s amazing transformation, she took him back to the SPCA to show the staff his new disposition. They were amazed! The trainer and her dog’s story was made into a YouTube video and posted online.

Browne, who is from the U.K., eventually had to return home. However, she decided to adopt Cerberus and take him with her, as she was unable to part with him.

What a happy ending!

Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot | 22bradshaw.