Dog with ‘big mark’ on head rescued from Arizona desert—then, X-ray reveals disturbing truth

A Coonhound from Phoenix was named “Lucky” for a good reason. He survived an unimaginable injury to his head that could have cost him his life. Unbelievably, he remained unaffected by his wound.

The dog, most appropriately named Lucky, was fortunate to be rescued by a border patrol agent after being ditched in a remote Arizona desert near the Mexican border.

©Video Screenshot | Fox10Phoenix
©Video Screenshot | Fox10Phoenix

When the border agent found Lucky, the dog was wandering around with a big mark on his forehead.

The border agent brought Lucky to a shelter in Bisbee.

©Video Screenshot | Fox10Phoenix

The crew at the shelter wondered what the mark on Lucky’s forehead was.

Later, a traveling vet made a surprising diagnosis after analyzing the dog’s x-ray.

©Video Screenshot | Fox10Phoenix

The wound on his forehead turned out to be a bullet hole.

“It was a big 9mm and he had been shot between the eyes and that was the mark and it embedded itself in his jaw,” Michael Moorefield of the Arizona Animal Welfare League told FOX 10.

©Video Screenshot | Fox10Phoenix

Did a cruel human leave Lucky to die in the desert after shooting him in the head? If only Lucky could talk. No one knows for sure.

Judging from the dent in the middle of Lucky’s forehead, the bullet had passed through between his eyes, went down, and got lodged in his jaw.

©Video Screenshot | Fox10Phoenix

Miraculously, despite the gunshot injury, Lucky was seemingly unaffected.

The vet removed the bullet from Lucky’s jaw, stitched up his wound, and let it heal.

With his cheerful nature, Lucky soon recovered and was ready for adoption.

“It’s so unbelievable that a dog that has gone through so much has this extremely uplifting personality,” said Moorefield.

In fact, Lucky has since been adopted out of AAWL shelter twice, but returned each time because he was an “escape artist.” Hence, to keep the energetic dog, the prospective owner needs to have good fencing in his home.

Other than good fencing, there’s not much to worry about with Lucky, because he’s a fairly sociable dog.

“There are no strangers to Lucky. He runs up and greets everybody,” Moorefield told

We hope that Lucky will keep up his positive attitude, and that his new owners will take great care of him.

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