Faint noises prompted this woman to cut a hole in her wall and dig out three kittens

There are countless video clips of animals getting stuck in crazy places. Here we have a woman who found a few adorable fur balls trapped in an extremely peculiar place.

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Imagine sitting in your apartment and hearing little cries but being unable to distinguish their source. This can prompt a frantic search, as you’re unsure of whether someone or something is lost and hurt.

One woman filmed just such a situation after she heard some faint noises coming from behind one of her walls. She was unwilling to let harm come to whatever was hiding behind the drywall, and so she carefully cut a hole in her wall. After a decent-size hole was made, she slipped a sock over her hand and began to dig around.

After a short search, she struck furry gold—there was a baby kitten stuck inside the wall. Carefully, she pulled the kitten out of the hole—thankfully, this little kitten appeared to be completely unharmed.

However, after she pulled the kitten out, she soon realized there was more than one kitten inside! The woman put the first, white, kitten down on the floor before immediately diving back into the hole once more with her sock-covered hand.

She blindly searched for the second kitten still stuck inside. After a few moments, she grabbed onto something. The woman then pulled out what was between her fingers—however, she was merely clenching a wad of drywall.

Clump after clump of drywall poured out of the hole—then, finally, she latched onto something wiggling around inside. “Here comes another one,” she says right before pulling a grey kitten out of the hole in her wall. She bends over to put the second kitten down before realizing the baby cats are roaming amongst the bits of drywall strewn about her apartment floor.

“Bub! I need that basket,” the woman shouts. “Aunt Dotty! come help me.” Moments later, another woman can be heard in the room behind the cameraman. The woman in the video frame digs further into the hole—she stretches deep and continues to rip out more drywall from the gash. After a few moments, another black-and-white kitten comes tumbling out of the hole.

She sets the third kitten down, and then immediately plunges her arm back into the hole. She calls out to a fourth kitten still stuck inside the wall, “Here, come here. Come on kitty, kitty, kitty.”

“Oh, you’re scrawny,” says Aunt Dotty in the background. “Oh! So lightweight,” she adds. The woman on camera asks the observers to keep their dogs back. “Back up, Brody,” she warns. Up to her elbow in drywall, the woman digs a little more to no avail—then, the cameraman offers to lend her his arms right before the video cuts out.

It’s unclear what exactly happened to the fourth cat, but we suspect the little kitty is in good hands.

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