Lonely poodle was ‘about to give up on life’ until these rescuers changed everything

In big cities like L.A., stray dogs are hard-pressed to survive on the streets. Whether they escaped their owners, whether they bred on the streets, or, worse, if they were discarded, these dogs are forced to fend for themselves.

Luckily, there are organizations such as Hope for Paws who care about such animals, and endeavor to find homes where they can lead more humane lives.

When Hope for Paws in Los Angeles received a call from concerned citizens about a homeless poodle, they immediately dispatched a team to investigate. What they found was pitiful; the little fella was just lying on the dirty concrete, in the nook near the doorway of a building, tired and unkempt. He looked ready to give up on life.

This dog had been living it tough on the streets of L.A. for a long time and was just lonely, sad, and tired of living.

However, when the team attempted to put a leash around his neck, killer instincts kicked in … at least for a second or two … but this dogged animal was tired, and his fight petered out completely once he realized they were actually there to help him.

With nothing to lose, he put his trust in his human rescuers—perhaps intuition kicked in—and he knew everything would be alright.

Hope for Paws named him Yankee Doodle, and although at first they were concerned he may be injured, the vet gave him the all clear.

So he got a well-deserved bath, good food, a haircut, and was neutered.

Rescue From The Hart then stepped in to foster him.

Such a happy dog now, Yankee was lucky enough to go home with Rescue From The Hart’s own trainer, David Graham, to await adoption. Meanwhile, he spends his days playing with the family’s little one every day.

Look at his amazing transformation!

Below is the video of Yankee’s heartwarming rescue:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel.

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