Puppy with teething problems fitted with braces—look at him grin, he’ll steal your heart!

This little pooch was having teething problems due to a condition that is known as malocclusion. He stopped “playing with his toys” and “started losing weight.” Fortunately, his conscientious owner arranged to get him braces!

A Golden retriever pup’s adorable photos became an instant hit on the internet after his teeth were fitted with braces!

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Meet Wesley, a young retriever who wore braces as a 6-month puppy! When he was growing up, he started to have teething problems. “Once his adult teeth started coming out, we noticed they were coming in wrong and he was unable to close his mouth fully,” said his owner, Molly Moore, to Buzzfeed.

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“He wasn’t playing with his toys and he was losing weight. It was very worrying for me, and we needed to do something for him to be pain free and live a happy puppy life.”

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Fortunately, Molly’s father is a veterinary orthodontist, so Wesley didn’t have to wait long to get a proper diagnosis of his condition. While he looked very cute in braces, they were not put for good looks, but to help him feel better.

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Wesley was anesthetized and his teeth were fitted with braces at the HarborFront Hospital for Animals, Springlake.

Molly said, “When people hear that Dr. Moore is a ‘doggie dentist’, they immediately say things like: ‘What? Does he put braces on dogs, too?’ The answer is . . . yes. Yes, he does.”

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Molly’s father confirms his daughter’s comment. “We don’t place braces or any oral appliances in the mouth for aesthetics. We do this for pain or function.

“Braces usually create an uncomfortable feeling and can be even painful, but Wesley handled it well.”

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“It obviously doesn’t bother him one little bit (if you look at the “after” photo),” added the hospital. “He’s a happy little guy.”

Watch the video below!